Vintage Letters from Santa Claus

Our letters from Santa are simply magical! We produce our stationery on luxurious, 100% cotton paper, with red and gold ink mixed up by hand. We then print the stationery with our vintage printing press, and the result is a beautiful, authentic keepsake for your child or loved one.

Create Your Letter Now

We offer exceptional levels of personalisation within each letter which really adds to the magic. Not only can Santa include details of the child's name, age and siblings within the letter, he can also mention where the child will be spending Christmas, special achievements they have made this year, gifts the child may be hoping to receive and even whether there is a chimney to get down on Christmas Eve.

Each lovely letter from Santa Claus (or Father Christmas - he is known by many different names you know) is then assembled and finished individually, by hand, in our studio based in Hertfordshire, England.

We pride ourselves on offering exceptional customer service, and the beautifully designed letter, vintage printing processes and finishing touches we add to our letters make our product magical!

Personalised by you

Our Santa letters are completely personalised by you, and Santa can even write different letters to each of your children!

Real wax seals

Our Original and Luxury letters come sealed with a beautiful real wax seal, which really adds to the authenticity.

Nice List Certificate

Why not make their day? Our Luxury letter contains a Nice List Certificate made out to your child and signed by Santa's top team.

North Pole Post Mark

We include an authentic looking "North Pole" postal mark on the envelope. It really looks like it's come from the North Pole!

Santa Knows...

Their age, a friends name, gifts they have received and would like, where they will be on Christmas Eve, special achievements this year, and much more...

Sealed with a Beautiful Band

Each letter is wrapped with a beautiful band printed with Santa's stunning logo, pressed in gold ink on our vintage press.